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Influencer Marketing Platforms to Try for Your Business

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective strategies used by businesses. It helps attract more audience and potential clients with the help of influencers. But, you have to choose the right influencers to tap to promote your brand. You can’t select anyone to endorse your product or services. You need to make sure that you choose someone who shares the same niche or industry as your business. To help you with this, you can use different influencer marketing platforms.

influencer marketing platforms

There are various types of platforms available in the market. Some are free, while others ask for fees. But, how do you choose the right tools or platform to use for your business? The following can help you choose the best influencer marketing services online.

1. AspireIQ. Use this if you want to target key influencers, manage communities, and track your campaigns. This is one of the for agencies and brands that use their strategies. It helps you connect to more than 150,000 key influencers in different social media platforms. They have a special feature which provides a unique list of influencers. They recommend influencers based on the ones that you have already worked with in the past. They also have a handy tracking feature that allows you to track content reviews, payments, etc.

2. NeoRich. For a wider influencer reach, NeoRich does not disappoint. It’s one of the best influencer marketing platforms. It gives you access to 3 million influencers. You can also categorize influencer search based on their occupations or most shared topics. You can also filter influencers by location or brand connections. They also feature a communication hub which allows you to make sending emails to influencers easier and faster. They also use a unique ROI calculator. The Influencer Media Value is perfect for tracking the performance and success of your campaigns or sponsored posts.

3. Upfluence. This is one of the most reliable influencer marketing platforms if you want to discover influencers in various social media platforms. They can help you reach out to influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Their database consists of a massive list of influencers who all have a huge following and high-quality engagements. You can filter influencers based on engagement rates, location and other specific parameters. It also allows users to send bulk emails and get real-time updates about campaigns. It also helps measure ROI from your existing campaigns.

You can also reach out to people who are experts in influencer marketing and other campaigns. For example, if you need to learn how to make covered calls for income, you can reach out to online mentors. They can assist you with learning or improving skills which can help grow your brand.

If you want to focus on learning about influencer marketing platforms, you can contact Tom Augenthaler. He founded the 551 Media LLC which provides influencer marketing consultancy. The agency also offers other influencer-related strategies. They offer high-quality services to clients in different parts of the world. You can even get a free online course by signing up on their website.